About Me

Hi! My name is Heather and I’m a UX Designer and Researcher in Toronto, Currently working as Head of Design at Mako Fintech

I have a Bachelor of Interaction Design from Sheridan College where I worked as a research assistant and designer at the Sheridan Centre for Elder Research while completing my degree.

I gravitate towards projects that have an impact and provide opportunities for learning and growth. I'm always looking to use research and data to inform and solve complex problems for my users.


Proficient | Working Knowledge

UX Design

I work collaboratively in an agile environment to create intuitive and delightful experiences for users.

User Research

I use a variety of research and analysis methodologies to empathize with and understand users and what their needs, wants and pain points are.

Product design

I work end to end on product designs. From defining problem areas to creating high-fidelity mockups.

Usability Testing

Planned, facilitated and analyzed usability tests for a mobile and desktop applications.

Data Visualization

Create clear, interactive visualizations for data that helps users understand the narrative of the information

Workshop Facilitation

Successfully ran UX design workshops and check-ins with co-workers while working as a design lead.

Tool Kit

UX Design
UI Design
Usability Testing
UX Research & Analysis
Data visualization
Adobe CC
Java Script
Time Management

Get in touch!

Email me at hemazzonna@gmail.com

 or connect with me on linkedin