Hi, I'm Heather —

A UX Designer and Researcher powered by a desire to simplify people’s lives and create delightful experiences

Currently seeking UX Design and Research opportunities for summer 2021

Financial Tech

Divvy App Concept

Product Design / Systems Design/ UX UI

Financial Tech

Barriers to Personal Finance

UX Research /UX Design/ Strategic Planning

Website Usability Testing

BMO Usability Testing

UX Research / Project Management / Data Analysis

Micro Animations


UX/UI / Motion Design / Brand Analysis

Mobile App Design

Onboarding Volunteers

UX Design / Visual Design / Prototyping


Improving the Public Transit System

Narrative Design / Data Visualization / Graphic Design


Undergraduate thesis

Understanding Barriers to
Personal Finance

UX Research | UX Design | Strategic Planning


My specialties

UX Design

I work collaboratively in an agile environment to create intuitive and delightful experiences for users.


I use a variety of research and analysis methodologies to empathize with and understand users and what their needs, wants and pain points are.

Product Design

I work end to end on product designs. From defining problem areas to creating high-fidelity mockups.

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